UZ Hotel Berhad is a company mainly based in hotel and hospitality industries which we try to take an opportunity and initiative on trying new things by implementing our new idea of capsule hotel inside the airport. We come out with this idea as we see the passengers traffic movement is increasing; while it comes with some airport have problem due to flight delays.

UZ HOTEL BERHAD and its group of companies focus mainly on hotel boutique nearby airport, capsule hotel in airport and capsule supply. Currently own and operating Hotel Zamsaham, World Stock Market Boutique Hotel just a stone throw away from Senai international Airport, Johor, Malaysia.

World Stock Market Boutique Hotel


It was designed by the owner of Zamsaham Business Network Group, which involved directly in the stock market of Bursa Malaysia. The hotel concept design combines local and stock elements illustrated on the outer structure of the candlestick design on the wall of the building.

By the receptionist counter, you will see design of stock prices by Bursa Malaysia. There are 26 rooms with names of business leader involved in the corporate finance and investment world. It has streak words and background of each business leader as a guide for our guest in knowing the secrets of their success.

There is a seminar room that can accommodate 150 persons in a time where Zamsaham targeted lecture similarly organized here. Our guests can also enjoy local and western refreshments at ZAMSTREET CAFE as ‘Satay Wak Radol’, ‘Soto Johor’, ‘Nasi Ambang Bullish’, Coconut Shake, and Special Lamb & Chicken Grill by our dedicated Chef.

Senai Airport UZ Capsule Hotel


With capsule hotel in the airport, passengers who are waiting for their flight time may use capsule hotel for their own safety and securities, delete the bad image toward good looking service airport, solve the problem of not enough replacement hotel and on top of it, the capsule hotel is inside the airport, just a walking distance.